2017-18 Living Mission: Purposeful Missions, Planner

Lesson 1 - 365m (365 Days in Mission)

Have you ever wondered how people become oriented to new cross-cultural settings and how they use their experiences as a means of informing and helping others? An innovative Nazarene education plan blends ministry context and classroom education around the world.

Lesson 2 - Rooted in Hope (Agriculture-focused Missions)

God's creation of the world, described in Genesis as Eden, is one in which people are given the responsibility of stewardship over the earth and its creatures. Local Churches of the Nazarene worldwide participate in the restoration of God's original plan for people and the land as illustrated by stories from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Armenia.

Lesson 3 - Breaking Poverty (Engaging the Heart and the Head)

The Church of the Nazarene has played a role in poverty alleviation throughout its history, and it continues to do so. Global poverty is a huge topic with many facets, and alleviating it may seem difficult. However, as we work together and use our heads and our hearts, we can all make a real difference with God's help.

Lesson 4 - Education-So What? (Transforming Lives through Educat

From the very beginning, the Church of the Nazarene has believed that education is critical to the ministry and mission of the church. Missions is about more than evangelism. Education is equally important, because it prepares generations to lead the church and serve globally in a variety of tasks.

Lesson 5 - Working Side by Side (Engaging Children & Youth)

We recognize that the children and youth of our congregations will be the ones leading the Church of the Nazarene into the twenty-second century and beyond. One of the best ways to equip them for working in and supporting missions is to include them in missions now, teaching them about and involving them in Nazarene missions. And this is a task for all of us.

Lesson 6 - Pulling Down Walls (Being a Part of a Global Church)

Here's a question to ponder: Who are people that you would put walls up against? While it seems natural for humans to divide, God's people are called to try to be a people, and a blessing, to the nations. For people in Christ, we are to be ambassadors, reconcilers, peacemakers, with open hearts to embrace people who are not like us.

Lesson 7 - One Conversation at a Time (John 3:16)

Michael Henderson introduces the idea of engaging people in meaningful dialogue about spiritual issues: "We must start where people are, taking them where they need to go, one conversation at a time'." For people of all ages, John 3:16 provides an introduction for conversations about the love of God that was poured out lavishly for all humankind to give life and hope to all.

Lesson 8 - Patience (A Lesson in Waiting)

Throughout the history of missions, the church has been geared up to move in and establish work in a world area that simply was not ready for it. One of the key attributes needed in missions today is patience! Even though the church may not see it at the time, God acts to bring about His will to make a way for us to join Him there, when the time is right.

Lesson 9 - Update (NMI 80th Anniversary Project)

For its 80th Anniversary project, Nazarene Missions International launched a scholarship to help students from the Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Mesoamerica, and South America regions pursue higher education in preparation for ministry. Meet some recent recipients, whose futures are bright because of God's call, the church's response, and their faithfulness in preparation.

Lesson 10 - The Personality of a Sending Church

What do you think of when you hear the term "sending church"? Do you picture churches with large budgets and lots of members? Perhaps small churches in tight-knit communities where money is sparse? Or is a sending church a congregation of millennials, youth, and children with enthusiasm and energy to spare? In truth, sending churches can be all of these and more.

Lesson 11 - Prayer (The Greater Work)

Scripture and history affirm the role of prayer in encouraging and empowering God's people to look into the needs of the world around them. Prayer is at the heart of missions. Prayer fuels missions involvement. When we pray, God's heart is moved. And when we pray, God moves our hearts and uses His church to bless the world.

Lesson 12 - When Disaster Strikes (The Church Being the Church)

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and the armed conflict within Zamboanga City, both affected the Philippines, including churches there. However, the Church of the Nazarene in the Philippines developed a resiliency in these times of disaster and became a Center of Life before, during, and after the tragedies, resulting in church planting and church growth.

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